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For “Flashback Friday” I decided to dive into the archives and pull out this renovation from 2010. Although, at one time, atriums were the best thing since sliced bread, my clients and I decided to go ahead and remove it in order to enlarge both the kitchen and the dining room.

web-4_2_1024 2


the long table


the long table


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~ Shannon

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You know the saying, “Out of something terrible can come something wonderful.” This rang true for my clients in Austin when, after torrential rains hit a year ago, their home was completely flooded. Everything that we had rehabbed three years prior was completely destroyed. So, when they asked me back to help fix what had been destroyed, I was more than happy to come up with a new design for this wonderful family.

The overall interior color of the home was changed to a beautiful warm white. We went with darker floors, a new living room and a completely new kids’ bathroom — but I think I had the most fun in the kitchen.  With the first rehab we needed to work with the existing granite countertops and the original island position. This time, since we had to gut the entire kitchen, we were able to work with a blank canvas. My color palette was simple — a mix of creamy whites, antique brass, rattan and brick.


My inspiration behind this kitchen — brick for the backsplash, paint from Farrow & Ball for the island, a creamy piece of Silestone for the countertops, as well as my bracelet (a stand in for the future hardware).

IMG_9421_3The kitchen before





Fresh paint on the cabinets



Countertops are installed

The brick backsplash going up


Love the brick backsplash


Above, another shot of the kitchen. I was able to add a 10 foot island which has really become the heart of the kitchen. Food is prepared, meals are savored and homework is done.


With a new drainage system installed, it looks like I won’t be back anytime soon but it was a pleasure while it lasted. If you would like to view the initial post with before and afters, click here.

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I have a feeling I ‘ve been here before…


Just three years ago I did this project in Austin. However, last November Austin had record-breaking rainfall and sadly the whole house flooded. The home is now semi-gutted with half of its sheetrock removed — everything has to be rebuilt. If there’s an upside to this, it would be that we get to totally redesign the kitchen. A chance for the homeowners and I to pick out all new materials which will hopefully take their mind off the inconvenience and help them get excited about the end result.


Another trip to Austin in April to finish up the project. I’ll keep you posted.

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My second post for this Austin project is the laundry room/mud room – one of my favorite spaces to do! In the past laundry rooms were seriously neglected, but these days people are paying a lot more attention to them. We gave this one plenty of attention.


The client picked this very fun trellis wallpaper by Schumacher, and we added 2 gorgeous light fixtures from Pottery Barn as well as various built-ins for storage. The contractor custom-made a glass door so the wallpaper and chandelier could be visible from the kitchen and living room, as well as allow more light in.

bay hill laundryIn the photo above, you can see the old laundry room on the right, as well as the framing for the new entry on the left.

bhl1 As the walls went up you could start to see the room take shape. This side would eventually become the mud room side with cubbies, hooks, as well as a small bench.



The only thing we are waiting for here is the cushion for the bench which will be in same fabric as the one for the breakfast nook bench.


The laundry side



IMG_1844We also had a “butler’s pantry” built the depth of a wine bottle for extra storage for wine, platters, cookbooks and laundry supplies.

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For this project, I worked with clients in Austin to design a new kitchen, laundry room and decorate their existing living room. After 10 months of work we are finally done (except for the breakfast bench cushion) and everything worked out beautifully.



bay hill 1



Before (originally the formal living)











Tomorrow, the laundry room makeover.

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Just got back from Austin and it’s been a little over two months since I started this project. The homeowners are awesome to work with, and the project is running smoothly with the normal bumps along the way. Below, are photos of the front of the home and dining room. We are still not finished but at least you can see the progress so far.

 The Exterior


Two of my favorite things happened here — paint & light fixtures! We still need one more coat of paint to go on and several other decorative items to finish out the front (landscaping happens next spring).

I am also planning on adding a LONG sisal runner for this area.

The Interior

The new home owner and contractor eyeing the atrium. Hmm…what to do?

We removed the atrium, which allowed for a lot more space

The original dining room looking towards the front door

Again, with the atrium gone, the house is more open

We still need to finish out the house which should take a couple of months. Next, shopping for furniture and decor. I did already snatch this guy at a garage sale last weekend, but need to decide in which room he’ll dwell.

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