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The Menu

Some of the most enjoyable entertaining I’ve done has been when friends happened to pop over last-minute. There is not that initial pressure of having everything perfect, and people are usually more relaxed with little expectations for the evening ahead. When this happens, my “go-to menu” typically consists of some type of salad, a good cheese and meat platter, some nuts and some kind of cracker/bread. I also keep some good chocolate in the fridge for something sweet at the end. No cooking involved. Super easy!


Happy Weekend!

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Back Camera

Hilltop garden in Tuscany

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been able to travel a bit this summer and my absolute favorite trip this summer was to the beautiful country of Italy. I remember an eight-course meal in Florence, a wonderful market in the village of Poppi and a beautiful garden on a Tuscan hilltop.

There were nine total in our group, so a long table with friends around was easily provided. I’m already looking forward to next year! Below are some of my favorite snap shots from the trip.

A Campari & Soda at the Four Seasons, Florence

After a long train ride from Milan, a Campari & soda at the Four Seasons sounded too good to pass up.

Tuscany, & the village of Poppi

Cocktail Hour on the rooftop in Florence

This was such a wonderful hotel in Florence and every evening cocktails on the rooftop made it even more amazing.

Our stay in Florence

Food & Drink

Of course, the food and drink was amazing. My favorite restaurant was in a small village near Poppi. Once we found it we had to return every night.


The group in Florence

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