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“Free rein” were the instructions given to me when I took on this project, something a designer relishes in. Therefore, when it came time to design the kitchen I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to design it around an island, a very large island. A place that would bring family and friends together, where kids could hang out as meals were prepared and guests could pop over for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I knew it would become the heart of the home and place where many memories would be made.








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Last week I shared the photos of the front of the Reseda Project. Today, I’m excited to share the before + after photos of the kitchen!

Reseda Kitchen


 Initially, the kitchen felt closed off from the rest of the home with only a small doorway from the dining room into the kitchen (above).


Even with gutting the kitchen, I was still limited on square footage and really needed to maximize this 200 sq. foot kitchen/laundry. In order to gain more storage and counter space, I eliminated the 2 smaller windows in the back corner, as well as the window on the left. In order to bring in natural light and a view of the backyard, I added a large picture window on the back wall, as well a full light glass door to the backyard.





 Some Elements from the Reseda Kitchen


Happy Wednesday!


~ Shannon

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You know the saying, “Out of something terrible can come something wonderful.” This rang true for my clients in Austin when, after torrential rains hit a year ago, their home was completely flooded. Everything that we had rehabbed three years prior was completely destroyed. So, when they asked me back to help fix what had been destroyed, I was more than happy to come up with a new design for this wonderful family.

The overall interior color of the home was changed to a beautiful warm white. We went with darker floors, a new living room and a completely new kids’ bathroom — but I think I had the most fun in the kitchen.  With the first rehab we needed to work with the existing granite countertops and the original island position. This time, since we had to gut the entire kitchen, we were able to work with a blank canvas. My color palette was simple — a mix of creamy whites, antique brass, rattan and brick.


My inspiration behind this kitchen — brick for the backsplash, paint from Farrow & Ball for the island, a creamy piece of Silestone for the countertops, as well as my bracelet (a stand in for the future hardware).

IMG_9421_3The kitchen before





Fresh paint on the cabinets



Countertops are installed

The brick backsplash going up


Love the brick backsplash


Above, another shot of the kitchen. I was able to add a 10 foot island which has really become the heart of the kitchen. Food is prepared, meals are savored and homework is done.


With a new drainage system installed, it looks like I won’t be back anytime soon but it was a pleasure while it lasted. If you would like to view the initial post with before and afters, click here.

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