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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m excited about this time of year because it means more outdoor dining. Yay! I’ve been gathering images of inspirational interiors and beautiful gardens to share with you. I’ve been working on some renovation projects in California and in Texas and I’m looking forward to sharing those as well. Hope to see you back soon. Cheers!

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from my home to yours…

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year!


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I absolutely love the holidays, and today I’m sharing how to put together a very easy and elegant holiday table. First, I throw out all the rules. If you don’t want to get bogged down with the formalities keep reading. This is the perfect foundation table for any occasion. You can make it more or less formal. It’s totally up to you. Below are my basics.


Very basic for some, table setting 101 includes placemat, plate, napkin, done.

placemat // plate // napkin

 For a more formal look, you can add a beautiful tablecloth, formal charger and napkin ring.


Candles are the best way to bring elegance to the table. For this table setting, I kept it extremely simple. I purchased a wreath at World Market, and added three pillars in various sizes in the center. The addition of a charger underneath helps protect the table from dripping wax.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


From this table setting you can add more or less. More candles, more vases with flowers or greenery. For Christmas, I like to add a fresh sprig of holly or juniper to each napkin. If I don’t have time to go out and purchase, I just take clippings from my Christmas tree.

If you are more of a “rules follower,” here’s a diagram from Wayfair just for you.

Most important, have fun & enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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Who doesn’t love a good cheese board for the holidays? Below are simple steps to a super easy cheese board that’s perfect for any day of the year.

The finished product

 I found most of the ingredients at Trader Joe’s

What you need for this simple cheese board

  • Any shape wooden cutting board
  • 3 white cheeses, like Brie, Camembert & Manchego
  • Blackberries or figs
  • A honeycomb (World Market has some beautiful ones, as well as Whole Foods)
  • Nuts (My favorite — Trader Joe’s Marcona almonds)
  • Crackers (I like to use a simple cracker like Carr’s water crackers)

*Anything will work in place of my recommendations, these are just easy to find items.

First things first, pour yourself a glass of wine

A simple way to assemble — honeycomb in the middle, cheeses around the honeycomb and berries and/or figs to fill in the gaps.

I served this board with a Rosé but you can serve it with a Chardonnay or whatever you fancy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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If you’re like me you’ve already sent out your Christmas cards, you’ve shopped for everyone and your home is full of Christmas Cheer — HAHA! If I’m being totally honest, as of this moment, I still have Thanksgiving decorations up. So, today I’m listing my top 5 go-to websites to help get us in the Christmas spirit!

1.I love this shop, Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop in Lexington, Kentucky. They offer gorgeous trees, garlands, wreaths and a barn full of animals that kids can pet and enjoy.

via Hillenmeyer

via Hillenmeyer

2. Home decor magazines like Atlanta Homes, Southern Living and Veranda are also great sources!

via Atlanta Homes Magazine

via Southern Living Magazine

via Southern Living Magazine

via Veranda Magazine

3. Another website that has tons of great ideas is Apartment Therapy

 via Apartment Therapy

4. I also recommend visiting your local garden store to see what kind of gorgeous seasonal products they have in stock. Some of my favorites are Thompson & Hanson in Houston, TX, Petersham Nurseries in London and Rolling Greens here in Los Angeles.

via Rolling Greens

5. Also, One Kings Lane, has wonderful decor for your tree, mantel and table this holiday season.

via One Kings Lane

via One Kings Lane

 I don’t want to make anyone nervous, including myself, but there are only 20 days until Christmas!



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After taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends I’m back at work. And, I’ve got several posts in the pipeline that I’m excited to share with you.

First off, I have the final photos from my last project. Below, the kitchen being worked on —  tomorrow I’ll be sharing the after photos.

the long table

North Hills Kitchen

 I have a really fun post coming up on pub houses.


The Wild Rabbit

 I’m also doing a post where I  talk about my favorite item for the garden.


 And, I’ll be sharing one of the most dramatic renovations to date.

Townhome Remodel

Townhouse Remodel

Lastly, I have a post coming up on how to put together a gallery wall.

the long table

So stay tuned and Cheers to 2017!

~ Shannon

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Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and prosperous 2017! Happy New Year from The Long Table!


~ Shannon



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Today, I’ve got some super easy Holiday decorating ideas to share with you. This is my favorite time of year, but like so many out there, it’s tough to get everything done. Since this year has been a bit busier than normal, I’m depending on my easiest holiday ideas to help my own home feel more festive. I’m hoping that some of these ideas will inspire you as well.

Styling & Living


Besides the front door, I love using wreaths all over my home. I use them inside and out. I place them around candles, and on garden statues. I hang them from mirrors and on walls.

via Design Sponge

via Design Sponge

Above, I love how Design Sponge just plopped one on a table — fantastically easy.



I typically have a basket of pinecones next to the fireplace, however they look good anywhere and in anything — from baskets & wooden bowls to glass jars and trays — I love the natural texture and look of them.

via Belgium Pearl

via Belgium Pearl


Candlelight around the home, especially this time of year, is so soothing. I use votives just about anywhere. I group them on trays, scatter them on my mantle, use them on the dining table and around the kitchen. This group of lovely votives I found at Marshall’s.



Another super easy but effective idea is placing some ornaments in a beautiful bowl or glass hurricane. This year I placed mine in a large antique wooden bowl I found on my recent trip to Texas.



Using bulbs around your home is super festive and easier than you think. Just make sure they have some light and water occasionally. Below, I love how they are placed in a wooden bowl with moss and ornaments.


via Marjonel-Marjonel


Besides my Christmas tree, I use lights on whatever house plant I have at the time. Right now it’s the fiddle leaf fig, but I’ve used lights on some of my other indoor plants such as Olive, Boxwood & Ficus.




I like to have a bowl of nuts around the home. It reminds me of being a kid — my grandmother always had a bowl out for all of us to enjoy. Cracking the shell while chatting with someone slows the day down nicely.


8.Tree Trimmings

I save all the trimmings from my tree and place them around the house, usually in planters or vases. I also tie them together with floral wire (or a rubber band) and hang them with a pretty ribbon. You can also place them on the ground around a lantern like in the photo below.


via It’s a house


 The most important idea of all. Holiday foods make my kitchen more festive, and bring people together, especially this time of year. I keep a tray of coffee and tea items, for whenever family or friends pop over.

apple tart

Happy Holidays!


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I’m finally getting around to decorating for the holidays this week.  This is the longest I’ve ever taken to get my home and myself ready for the holidays. My kids have not been very happy about this — so this week I’m on it, starting today.


I’ve always loved this photo. Via Style Blueprint


Gorgeous Garland!


Must Have!


Bigger Is Better


I’ve always thought this was a gorgeous photo. I would love to try to make something like this over the holidays.

Wednesday, I’m posting my super easy holiday decorating ideas.

Happy Monday!


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mag4An exceptional flower and one of my favorites  ~ The Magnolia

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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