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My sister just inherited some antique Duncan Phyfe Mahogany chairs from our mother (they had originally belonged to our great-grandmother). So, Heather’s first question to me was, “What do I do with them”? This is a typical conundrum that many face — how to incorporate our family’s antique furniture, that has deep sentimental value, into our own spaces? The trick is weaving them into your style so that they feel a part of your home. The tip is to mix them with modern pieces — maybe even updating them with paint or upholstery. All images are from Lonny Magazine.

Above, the antique chairs are painted white, upholstered in a fun stripe and paired with a rustic table. Plus, there are modern and industrial pieces in the room that really contrast the chairs allowing the chairs to stand out even more. Very fun!ant.chair2Above, the kitchen is more modern but the dining table, tablecloth and chairs are more rustic.  The modern chandelier over the dining table really helps bring these two spaces together nicely.

ant.chair5Painted white – very sweet.ant.chair6Antique chairs upholstered in a modern fabric and paired with a modern table and rug.


Above, the antique chairs are upholstered in a traditional fabric and paired with a beautiful marble table and a clean modern kitchen – lovely!

Happy Decorating!

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Just got back from Austin and it’s been a little over two months since I started this project. The homeowners are awesome to work with, and the project is running smoothly with the normal bumps along the way. Below, are photos of the front of the home and dining room. We are still not finished but at least you can see the progress so far.

 The Exterior


Two of my favorite things happened here — paint & light fixtures! We still need one more coat of paint to go on and several other decorative items to finish out the front (landscaping happens next spring).

I am also planning on adding a LONG sisal runner for this area.

The Interior

The new home owner and contractor eyeing the atrium. Hmm…what to do?

We removed the atrium, which allowed for a lot more space

The original dining room looking towards the front door

Again, with the atrium gone, the house is more open

We still need to finish out the house which should take a couple of months. Next, shopping for furniture and decor. I did already snatch this guy at a garage sale last weekend, but need to decide in which room he’ll dwell.

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