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Several months ago, I did a blog entitled “Le Chic Shack” and bravely included a photo of my own not so chic shack at the time. It was, as most of you saw, quite horrible. However, with some paint and a plan it is starting to take shape.

I painted the exterior of the shed “Soot” by Benjamin Moore, the same color as our home so it acts as an extension of the home. This wonderful little shack functions as a place for researching future projects and relaxing with a cup of coffee. I still need to landscape around the shed and paint the interior a light gray.

Tomorrow, how to pot a simple succulent.

~ Shannon

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A while back a friend sent me a link from the New York Times. A story about an amazing little shack outside Paris (photo above) — a family’s retreat from the city — a weekend getaway. I admit it was quite inspiring to see/read. It made me think of some of us that might already own a potential chic shack just outside our back door. A garden shed, green house or tool shed that can be transformed into a wonderful getaway. With a little paint, an imagination (and possibly a really good carpenter) anyone of us could have our very own chic shack. Maybe not outside Paris for most of us, but something small and meaningful just steps away.

Another photo of the family’s getaway outside of Paris

Below, are some ideas to give us all a little inspiration in creating our very own chic shack. Enjoy!

An amazing cottage-style one

Island style

A modern take on one

One of my favorites!

A camouflaged one

Another modern one that opens up nicely to the garden

A very handsome one

Some might recognize this one as it belongs to the Barefoot Contessa

I apologize for the poor picture but had to include this one. It is one of my favorite garden pictures and possibly my inspiration for my own shed to chic shack makeover (photo below). It does take one in and you wonder what kind of fabulousness goes on in that little gem.

My own (the rusted thing way back there), “under construction”. Not very chic at the moment (recently moved in) but with a little paint, some landscaping, etc. it could turn out quite nice. In a month or two I’ll post an update.

*photo credits – New York Times and houzz.com

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