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By removing a dated atrium in this Texas project, I gave my clients a much larger dining room, as well as more storage space in the kitchen. See the before and after photos below.



Next time, I’m sharing my 5 favorite bedrooms.

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Photos: Madeline Harper

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 The goal with this project was to create a casual and comfortable home with a neutral palette that would be soothing for the homeowners, yet relevant for a family of four. Because they were moving from a smaller home into a larger one, I knew there would be new pieces to purchase. However, to keep the new home cozy and familiar, I wanted to use as much of the homeowners’ original furniture as possible. Though there are still odds and ends that need to be done, I am finally ready to post the “after” photos.

The Dining Room 


The photo above shows the original space as you enter the front door. A large atrium sits in the middle of the home connecting the dining, kitchen and formal living room. Behind the atrium is the formal dining room, and then the large family room. To the right of the atrium is the entrance to the kitchen.


As you can see we removed the atrium, which allows for a much larger dining room and overall space to entertain. A wall was added in an “L” shape between the dining and kitchen to add a bit more privacy between the two areas, as well as to add extra storage in the kitchen.


In addition to removing the atrium and adding a wall, we opened up the entrance into the family room about 2 feet to provide a better balance.


Another “before” photo of the dining room and atrium


Again, you can see with the removal of the atrium, the space is more open.  For functional purposes, as well as to incorporate color, we placed a 9 foot red bench in the entry. The owners are still waiting for the 10 foot dining room table and a piece of art that will be placed on the wall opposite the buffet. The chandelier is from Hinkley Lighting.

The Living Room



We removed the stucco from the fireplace to reveal the original brick. We had the fireplace, walls and ceiling painted, added a mantel and hung two large picture shelves from Ikea. Now, we’re just waiting on one large jute rug to come in and this room is done!

Next time: the breakfast nook and kitchen!

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