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Lattice Works!

There are some really awesome materials out there that can make a huge difference in design! Of course, paint is probably at the top of my list, but another one that I have been experimenting with lately is — lattice.  It’s a great tool when wanting to disguise unsightly areas, like the white elephant next door. It can provide privacy, it can be used as a room divider, and of course can be used to grow something gorgeous on! So, this morning I combed through Pinterest to gather a few examples of how others have used this very versatile and inexpensive product. Hopefully, you can take away some ideas for your own garden.


It can be installed on to the top of a shorter fence to become a perfectly tall wall to hide that white elephant next door. I love that they painted it all a dark color too! Nice!


Here, painted and used as more of a decor element for interest


Above, used to divide two spaces


More ideas below:


Here, attached to a home in order to grow something lovely on it.

For more ideas for your garden, check out my board on Pinterest, “Ideas for your garden“.

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