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nOt yoUr tYpical kiTcheN

For the most part, kitchen design tends to have a certain formula it follows — upper and lower cabinets, a natural stone countertop, tile backsplash, etc. Pushing the design boundaries in the kitchen can be a bit intimidating. The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that is pretty permanent — once done it rarely changes. It’s also the most expensive room in the house to rehab; therefore, doing something atypical may seem too big of a risk? However, we spend so much time in our kitchens I really believe we should enjoy them as much as possible, and give them a bit of personality.

There are several ways to create an ‘atypical kitchen’. Some changes may be more permanent than others. The kitchens below are great examples of some of my favorite atypical kitchen ideas.



Forgo the upper cabinets


Choose different materials like concrete and raw wood


Go sleek and streamline


Create your very own French bistro


Go with open shelving


Create an Old World feel with a large hood for your cooking area


Hang shelves from the ceiling


For less of a permanent route, you could use a gorgeous paint color on your cabinets, go for oversized light fixtures to make a statement or create your very own art gallery.


Paint everything one gorgeous color


Add art


Add a piece of furniture to store your glassware, serving dishes, etc.


Bring the outdoors in by using exterior lighting in your kitchen

96921d71cfa3ac6e62f519b10c467c6d  Use a salvage door as your pantry door


Go big and use an oversize light fixture


One of my favorites at the present, this kitchen is dark & lovely. I also really like how the designer used wall sconces to give it a soft and elegant feeling.


Also, don’t neglect to look at your favorite restaurant for ideas. These days designers are doing an incredible job with restaurant design, as in the photo above at Hard Water in San Francisco.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper on HGTV, you know what I’m talking about when I say ‘Farmhouse Chic’. We can thank Ms. Joanna Gaines for bringing style back to the farmhouse! She’s put Waco on the map and has made Waco way cool. She knows how to do more than mix and match pillows — she puts some gorgeous houses together and inspires me to keep focused.



I have to admit that this is one of my favorite “looks” at the moment. It’s clean, fresh and has a modern feel that isn’t too cold. With a bit of white paint and some pretty antiques, a simple structure can become your very own gorgeous art gallery.





Another person who also knows how to make a farmhouse or stable look quite incredible — Ellen DeGeneres — love her home, below (+ the first and third photos in the post), in the Santa Monica Mountains.


unnamed-6 Above, 2 of my favorite books on the topic.

Happy Thursday!




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Although, I didn’t have much time for sightseeing on my recent trip to London, I was determined to visit Petersham Nurseries. Located a short walk from the train station, along the River Thames, Petersham has two cafes, a wine cellar and an inspiring garden center.


The setting around Petersham couldn’t have been more picturesque.


The public footpath


Above, the sign to Petersham Nurseries.


A peek inside the glasshouse restaurant





The teahouse, with gorgeous hydrangeas and geraniums out front


Inspiration for my next garden party…





How lovely & simple is this?


Although, I couldn’t bring back gorgeous plants or antiques, I was able to enjoy a beautiful lunch and take it in, if only for an hour. Looking forward to my next visit!


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Collections, if done right, can be impressive, inspiring and a huge design feature in your home.

A couple of tips are: 1) choose something you love 2) group your collection together (it makes more of a visual impact) and, 3) if possible stick to a certain color scheme when collecting, as in the photos below.

d2f37b64cf6643dc36be0b0f0f3e369eSeparate hooks for your hat collection is a great idea!


Collecting something like glass bottles can come in handy when you want to display some gorgeous flowers!

1ced94af67f37965d9f39c20e78a0fef Vintage tureens look neat when all stacked up358fd2f53c1a12afa7b02ae67fab932bDisplay your shell collection around other found objects

unnamed-2Color coordinate your book collection for more visual impactf0650d6a361fe8040950576ccc730c54

Shelves are extremely useful when displaying a collection
9afd07a0ee3e22707324877e69772f7cA beautiful way to display a plate and platter collection!


My own collection of vintage beach paintings


One of this most impressive collection of baskets I’ve seen.

Happy collecting!

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With the holidays fast approaching, I have gathered my favorite holiday photos from Pinterest to give those of us (who need it) that extra push to bring it all together.


I love the way they used the ribbon here


A great use of all those extra envelopes we have stashed away


You can never have enough votives around the home this time of year


Very elegant and simple



I have yet to finish decorating in my own home, and my girls remind me daily (not enough blown-up creatures in the front yard). When I do finish (hopefully this weekend), I’ll post a couple of photos.

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Boston Ivy

If you are wanting to add a bit of charm or elegance to your home, try planting a beautiful climber, such as a Rose, Hydrangea, or Clematis. Or, to cover a wall entirely, plant an ivy like Boston, Fig or Jasmine. It’s amazing what $35 dollars and a couple of years could do for the look and feel of your home.


Fig Ivy and a Climbing Rose

Boston Ivy


Fig Ivy


Climbing Rose


Happy Friday!

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Recently, I have been inspired by all sorts of photos on Pinterest. These photos happen to have one thing in common — a house plant. Which reminded me how using house plants in decor is a great visual tool. Plants (living objects) help to break up all the hard objects and knick-knacks we tend to collect.  These days you can use almost anything. I’ve seen cactus, succulents, herbs, small trees and so on. Perched on books or placed in the entry, plants add texture, color and life to our homes. You can place a tall palm in that corner you don’t know what to do with, put a funky succulent on your bar or a cactus on your bookshelf. And, you can pick up a fun/funky plant (1 to 5 gallon) for under $15.00, which is usually cheaper than a dozen roses and last a lot longer.

hp1I love this look — a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in a large basket.

hp3 Cactus in large Mexican potteryhp6 Another Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in a small pot


A simple elephant ear


A Clivia placed on an entry table


 I am actually off to buy a plant for that corner I don’t know what to do with — I’ll post pictures later.

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I was reminded by my last post how much I love beach inspired interiors! I have always been smitten by California’s take on interiors, especially along the coastal towns like Venice Beach, Santa Monica & Big Sur.

In the mid-90’s, I used to love to go to Indigo Seas on Robertson for Lynn von Kersting’s take on island/travel decor. Another great place (in LA) is American Rag’s Maison Midi on La Brea. I have also heard great things about Surfing Cowboys in Venice Beach, but I haven’t had a chance to pop in myself. If you are not in the LA area, there are loads of other resources for your island-inspired home & garden.

Casa Tua‘s hotel and restaurant in Miami has a relaxed Mediterranean feel.  Tom Scheerer’s work, especially his “Bahamas Veranda House” and “Salt box house” are incredibly fun!  India Hicks has loads of photos and ideas you can browse through on her website. And, of course Pinterest has tons of beach-themed boards to fit anyone’s taste.

Casa Tua, Miami

Tom Scheerer’s Beach Inspired Designs

Indigo Seas, Los Angeles

Island Inspiration via India Hicks

Love Vintage Beach Photos!

v.surf3This photo framed (large-scale) anywhere would be amazing!

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The Menu

Some of the most enjoyable entertaining I’ve done has been when friends happened to pop over last-minute. There is not that initial pressure of having everything perfect, and people are usually more relaxed with little expectations for the evening ahead. When this happens, my “go-to menu” typically consists of some type of salad, a good cheese and meat platter, some nuts and some kind of cracker/bread. I also keep some good chocolate in the fridge for something sweet at the end. No cooking involved. Super easy!


Happy Weekend!

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The Inspiration

bar6(a very handsome bar)

The Breakdown

1. Tray

2. High Ball Glasses

3. Ice Bucket

4. Cocktail Glasses

5. Goblets

6. Bar Items

7. Dish for Lemons/Limes

8. A Lamp

9. Cocktail Napkins

10. & just add your favorite bottles


*all bar items from One Kings Lane & Restoration Hardware

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