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A little garden inspiration heading into the weekend is Nicole de Vesian’s garden, La Louve (The She-Wolf). It’s located in Bonniuex, Provence France.

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After having a fashion career in Paris, Nicole de Vesian moved to Provence and designed the garden at age 69.

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The pool was later added by the current owner, Judith Pillsbury.

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This garden is one of my favorites, absolutely beautiful. One reason I adore it is that it feels very organized, as well as soft and calming. The green shades of the Rosemary, Boxwoods and Cypress’ mixed with the silver hues of the Sage, Santolina and Lavender work perfectly together.

Some of these photos are from Garden Design Magazine’s website, but if you have the chance to pick up Provence Interiors (by Angelika Muthesius) you will see many more that show the beauty of this garden.

Or you can click here, to check out more photos by Clive Nichols.

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