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Recently, I was amazed to find out that an interior designer I admire, used fake flowers in her own home! In the past I have been quite adamant about the use of fake flowers. However, these days fake flowers are changing, and let’s face it some of us are just too busy to keep up with it all.  A trip to your local farmer’s market or grocery store for fresh flowers before company comes might not be realistic for all of us — the solution just might be some fake ones!


The picture that changed it for me, Rita Konig’s place

It was Rita Konig, a British Interior Designer/Author, who I recently saw use fake red Dahlias in her own abode (above photo). The trick may be to mix it up, using fake flowers in some areas of your home and real in other areas. Below, another shot of Rita’s kitchen, and here she uses real roses, as with the tulips above.


Love the bowl of photos guests can sift through


A grouping from Abigail Ahern’s website

Abigail Ahern, also an interior designer, sells lovely fake flowers out of her London shop (some photos below, and you can click here for her website).


Fake and lovely


Again, very difficult to tell these are fake — gorgeous

 Most local floral/craft stores carry fake flowers, as well as Ikea. Home Goods usually carries some but it can be hit or miss. The trick to using fake flowers is to use what would typically be in season at the time (more believable). Pick something you enjoy and rotate them out for each season. Be careful not to let too much dust settle and once they start losing several leaf sections you may want to replace them. The brilliant thing about faux flowers is that they can add a burst of color/beauty with little fuss or maintenance.

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