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Today, I’ve got some super easy Holiday decorating ideas to share with you. This is my favorite time of year, but like so many out there, it’s tough to get everything done. Since this year has been a bit busier than normal, I’m depending on my easiest holiday ideas to help my own home feel more festive. I’m hoping that some of these ideas will inspire you as well.

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Besides the front door, I love using wreaths all over my home. I use them inside and out. I place them around candles, and on garden statues. I hang them from mirrors and on walls.

via Design Sponge

via Design Sponge

Above, I love how Design Sponge just plopped one on a table — fantastically easy.



I typically have a basket of pinecones next to the fireplace, however they look good anywhere and in anything — from baskets & wooden bowls to glass jars and trays — I love the natural texture and look of them.

via Belgium Pearl

via Belgium Pearl


Candlelight around the home, especially this time of year, is so soothing. I use votives just about anywhere. I group them on trays, scatter them on my mantle, use them on the dining table and around the kitchen. This group of lovely votives I found at Marshall’s.



Another super easy but effective idea is placing some ornaments in a beautiful bowl or glass hurricane. This year I placed mine in a large antique wooden bowl I found on my recent trip to Texas.



Using bulbs around your home is super festive and easier than you think. Just make sure they have some light and water occasionally. Below, I love how they are placed in a wooden bowl with moss and ornaments.


via Marjonel-Marjonel


Besides my Christmas tree, I use lights on whatever house plant I have at the time. Right now it’s the fiddle leaf fig, but I’ve used lights on some of my other indoor plants such as Olive, Boxwood & Ficus.




I like to have a bowl of nuts around the home. It reminds me of being a kid — my grandmother always had a bowl out for all of us to enjoy. Cracking the shell while chatting with someone slows the day down nicely.


8.Tree Trimmings

I save all the trimmings from my tree and place them around the house, usually in planters or vases. I also tie them together with floral wire (or a rubber band) and hang them with a pretty ribbon. You can also place them on the ground around a lantern like in the photo below.


via It’s a house


 The most important idea of all. Holiday foods make my kitchen more festive, and bring people together, especially this time of year. I keep a tray of coffee and tea items, for whenever family or friends pop over.

apple tart

Happy Holidays!


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