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Several weeks ago, while on the Warner Brother’s lot in Los Angeles, I visited with Celebrity florist, Cathy Ball. She supplies many shows on the WB lot with gorgeous arrangements and more. Today, she was arranging some amazing peonies and hydrangeas for a client. What a perfect opportunity to gather some tips on putting together our own beautiful arrangement. Below, Cathy shows us 4 steps in making a simple yet elegant flower arrangement.

Above, the hydrangeas and peonies. Even the way Cathy has them arranged — waiting to be arranged – is gorgeous (the antique olive buckets are from Big Daddy’s).

Step 1: Select a vase

Step 2: Start with hydrangeas (or whatever you have), and loosely fill in the vase, leaving a whole in the center

Hydrangeas with hole in the center

Step 3: Place a peony between each hydrangea

Step 4: After you’ve layered a peony between each hydrangea, finish off by filling in the center hole with more peonies

Easy & Beautiful!  Thanks Cathy!

Shannon Ahern Design

My own attempt at arranging peonies — my favorite flower!

Have a wonderful day!

~ Shannon

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