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There is something mysterious about a dark exterior, even a bit intriguing. With a dark exterior, colors become more bold — whites become whiter and greens greener, as with the green hydrangeas above & in the chartreuse shutters below. It does take a lot of gumption to actually pull it off and there is a chance you could pick the wrong color! However, if you do feel like giving it a try, I have listed a couple of my favorites towards the end of the post. Start out with painting a couple of samples on your wall and then take a couple of days to soak it all in. If you love the look but can’t go completely dark, pair your dark exterior with a bright white trim which gives it an amazing contrast.




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  1. Soot by Benjamin Moore
  2. Novelty Navy by Dunn Edwards
  3. Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore
  4. Deepest Sea by Dunn Edwards


Above, a sweet little cottage I rehabbed several years ago in Texas. I painted it ‘Soot’ by Benjamin Moore.


Another shot of  the color of the cottage


 If painting a whole exterior is a bit overwhelming for you but you’re really craving change, try it in one room first, as in the photo above. Next week I’m back in Texas, working on several projects and hopefully making it out to the very popular, Round Top Flea Market. Check back for a post from Round Top.

Happy Friday!




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