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Maison Midi

Maison Midi

One of my favorite places to shop for home goodies is on La Brea in Los Angeles. The street is riddled with fabulous stores! Maison Midi is one of many but one I have been enjoying for years! You feel like every item you purchase is going towards your vacation home (we of course all have) in the south of France. Every item is wonderful and the colors throughout are amazing! Just next door to Maison Midi is American Rag, where you can find clothes, shoes, etc. Their bags alone are a reason to purchase something. Down the street is one of my all time favorite fabric stores, Diamond Foam & Fabric! They have a great selection of fabrics and if you get there early enough they usually have homemade bread to snack on while you roam the fabric hallways!  Between Maison Midi and Diamond Foam and Fabric is Rita Flora where you can grab some fresh flowers for your entry. And after a day of walking up and down La Brea you can end it with a fabulous dinner at Campanile!

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