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A while back I was asked if I had any examples of how to use succulents in a landscape. It can be a bit tricky to only use succulents because people tend to use the same textures and colors. The trick is to mix it up, using different height and shapes, as well as different textures and colors. For example, using a large Agave Attenuata or Barrel Cactus with Senecio Mandraliscae planted around it would be beautiful.

Below, I have collected a couple of examples.


A great mix here — Kalanchoes, Senecio, Agaves, Barrel Cactus, Kangaroo Paws, and Sago Palms


They mixed shape, texture and color beautifully! (Barrel Cactus, Senecio & Torch Aloe)


The color contrast here between the blue of the Echeveria and the green of the Barrel and Opuntia is stunning.

Succulents and Cactus are perfect plants and when mixed well they can produce a gorgeous garden with little maintenance.

Another great resource is Jammie Friday’s board on Pinterest called, Arid Garden.

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A little something to inspire us for the weekend ahead, two simple yet beautiful gardens!

Happy Friday!

These images are from House Beautiful. Click Here to see more outdoor room options from House Beautiful.


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This week I am dedicating my blog to the garden, starting first with my 5 favorite planters for the season! These were taken from Elle Decor and are fabulous! Below, are the planters and several ideas of what to plant in them.

Elizabethan II Planter by Pennoyer Newman

This is modern yet elegant planter would be lovely with a beautiful fern or blue agave.

Kito Planter Basket From Treillage

I love this one because of the natural woven look. I can see a tall topiary or a nice full boxwood in it.

Carlos Pot By Oly

Serene and calming, I see a “Pineapple Guava” or an Agave, like “Whale’s Tongue” in it. Both plants have grey or blue leaves that would be beautiful with this color of pot.

Gratia Square Planter From Design Within Reach

Very modern with a hint of retro. I love it with an ornamental grass, especially one with purple in the leaves. The purple would play off nicely with this color of planter. Or, I could see a “Snake Plant” in it, which is upright and has more structure.

Wood Cross Planter By Accents of France

I have always loved this style of planter for its traditional qualities (timeless), and I think citrus when I see this planter.

Tomorrow, tips on planning a beautiful garden!

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Tip 1: Create year-round  beauty by planting evergreen shrubs throughout your garden. This way when the temperature drops, the structure of your garden remains intact!


Tip 2: Eliminate any eye sores and create privacy by planting a hedge


Tip 3: Add color for beauty and contrast


tip 4: Add a focal point


tip 5: Create an area for relaxation and entertaining

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This is possibly the best time of year to live in South Texas! The weather is amazing and everything is budding! The Bluebonnets are out and “Fiesta” (San Antonio’s largest party) is around the corner. We can actually open our windows and let the breeze in, it’s marvelous! So, I am off to enjoy it, and an estate sale or two? I hope everyone is enjoying great weather, have a wonderful weekend!

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I absolutely love this time of year! The weather turns a little warmer and you start to get excited about being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine again! This is also the perfect time to start pruning and planting and getting everything in your garden organized for a great show this spring and summer! Deadhead, prune and fertilize so that plants look their best! If you have questions about gardening visit your local garden store or contact your local Master Gardener hotline. There are obviously too many garden stores/websites to mention but some of my favorites are: Gardens & Big Red Sun (Austin), Thompson & Hanson (Houston), Inner Gardens (Los Angeles). I hope these inspire you as much as they do me!

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Welcome to The Long Table! I love good food, beautiful gardens and amazing homes! The Long Table represents one of my favorite scenes, a long table with fabulous food and great friends around. This blog is geared to hopefully representing all those fabulous things that make life worth living! Cheers!


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